Lady Bruins Kick in the New Year

Sarah Hamilton, Marketing Editor

As the weather starts to cool down, soccer season is in high gear! Biweekly games will start along with the new year, but the team has already started their daily practices and weekly scrimmages. With a new coach, the girls soccer team has been training diligently in preparation for this upcoming season. There is something about this year that feels different for the girls. The team is confident this will be a very special season.

Varsity captains for the 2020 season are seniors Callie Jordan, Greta Gideon, and hannah Dockens. Both players are anticipating a long and rewarding year of soccer.

Gideon has been playing soccer since she was four years old and currently plays the position of midfield on the West Brook team and her club soccer team.

“Everyone is a lot more optimistic,” said Gideon, “After just one game, we were able to see our team come together and we can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish!”

Senior Hannah Dockens is an attacking midfielder on varsity and her club soccer team as well. She has also been playing soccer since the age of four. Dockens is committed to play soccer at Lamar University next year!

“My expectations this year is to go very far into the playoffs and even to state.” said Dockens, “We have a lot of talent and diversity on the team and we are all very close which helps us to play well together.”

Senior Taylor Hansen has been playing soccer since an early age of five. She currently plays the position of forward on varsity.

“The program is totally different this year,” said Hansen, “The coaching and training we’ve had this year has made the team a lot better. We work really well together and it feels like we all have a deeper dedication to the sport this.”

The Lady Bruins expect themselves to go far this year because of their talent and dedication, but with the support of their peers there is no limit to what they could do. We encourage you to come out and support your friends and classmates in any and all sports.