Lady Bruins Soccer Gets New Coach

Josh Capps, Online Editor


Coach Bell is a new coach/teacher at West Brook high school. He coaches girls soccer and he teaches regular U.S. History. He also helps out with football by filming varsity games for Coach Peevey.

The last school Coach Bell coached at was Huffman. In fact, he started the soccer program there and he grew it to be very successful. He has high hopes for the girls soccer team at West Brook this year. During practices, he focuses on conditioning and hard work. “My teams are very mentally tough.” said Coach Bell. “They are also probably the team that’s in the best shape.” Coach Bell claims to focus on conditioning because “the only thing (he) can control is
your fitness level.” As far as skill or talent wise he says he can’t control but his team will always be the most athletic. He also emphasizes getting done what you need to get done such as getting to practice on time.  “One thing you wanna make sure you do is develop a culture.” said Coach Bell. “When I came here I realized that we didn’t necessarily have a culture.” Coach Bell really wants to focus on building a culture for the team. He says it is especially important to build a culture when you’re taking over a program. He wants to build relationships with the players enough to where they respect him and they do what they’re supposed to do on and off the field.

Coach Bell has a very busy daily routine. He wakes up for school at four in the morning because he lives in Houston. Throughout the day he teaches U.S. History and coaches soccer. He loves teaching inside the classroom but loves coaching out on the field more. He also coaches a club soccer team in Houston.

Coach Bell is very excited for what this new school year has to offer. He’s excited about being a teacher at West Brook and he’s excited about being a soccer coach. He’s also very excited about getting to know his students and players.