American Horror Story: 1984

Jayla Neireiter , Staff Writer

FX presents us with another season of the anthology series American Horror Story. This season is set in the year 1984 (obviously), the first few episodes take place at Camp Redwood, a recently reopened summer camp, in the span of one nightmare of a night . Where we follow Brooke Thompson, our stereotypical survivor girl, Montana Duke, the spunky bad girl, Xavier Plympton, the comedic relief,Chet Clancy as the steroid riddled jock, and lastly, Ray Powell, the token black guy. As we follow our cast of characters weird things start to happen around the camp. It’s shown that the camp itself has a dark aura around it when not one but four killers are running around the camp taking counselors out one by one in various gruesome ways. It speculated that the land itself is a portal to hell where those who die on the property can be left as ghost to haunt the land and torment those who dare return. By the end of the fifth episode the only one left living is, you guessed it Brooke Thompson. But the twist on the stereotypical 80’s horror flick is all of our lost heroines are still “alive” and kicking around the now abandoned campsite, the only character left unaccounted for is Chet Clancy. Last we saw Chet he was knocked out and thrown into the lake. Here’s to hoping he survived the night.