It Continues

Jaden Taylor, Staffer

     It has been 27 years and the Losers have once again reunited but not for a reason they had hoped for. Based on the novel, ‘It’ by Stephen King, ‘It: Chapter Two’ is the follow up to the first movie ‘It’ (2017) where the town of Derry has a reputation for strange occurrences and missing people, especially children.

     The movie opens with recaps from the previous film and by showing all of the characters grown up and how they are doing having gone through something as devastating and traumatic as facing Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgärd).

     Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) has contacted each member of the Loser Club to hold up their end of the pact that if It returns, so do they. Through all of the tension, we can always count on Richie (Bill Hader) to lighten the mood with his outrageously witty, perfectly timed humor.

     As for the rest of the gang, Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Bill (James McAvoy), Ben (Jay Ryan), Eddy (James Ransone), and Stanley (Andy Bean) are all just hoping to finally put an end to this chapter in their lives. Even these troubling times will not be able to stop their perseverance in destroying the evil force that has wreaked havoc on the town of Derry for centuries.