The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich Showdown of 2019

     Popeyes vs. Chick-Fil-A

      As you all know, the release of the Popeyes crispy chicken sandwich caused a social media uproar.  I’ll be rating these sandwiches based off crispness, juiciness, bread flavor, and the seasoning “wow” factor.  It’s fried chicken, I expect to get a crunch from the crisp skin while the meat inside still remains flavorful and not dry .

      The first sandwich to judge is the Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwich.  Chick-Fil-A already has my customer loyalty for such great service and food that never disappoints.  The sandwich comes simple with pickles, and a soft buttermilk bun for $3.89, but don’t let its plainness discourage because the sandwich has a lot of confidence.  Biting into the sandwich I instantly get a kick from the spices.It’s not too hot but it has the right amount of tinge left on the tongue .The juiciness inside the chicken and the bread is warm and fluffy, it’s the perfect bread flavor. The sandwich lacks a crunch that you want from fried chicken, but overall it’s your friendly neighborhood chicken sandwich.

      Popeyes, a place you don’t think of for a chicken sandwich. I was disappointed that it took 30 minutes to get it, but the customer service was great although they were under a lot of pressure from the lines . For $3.99,  you get a spicy chicken sandwich with pickles, spicy mayo, and a buttermilk bun. The instant I looked at the sandwich, it was twice as big as Chick-fil-A’s. The chicken breast was beautifully fried and golden, but the main objective was the taste.  I bit into the sandwich and the crispness of the chicken was definitely there, the chicken was seasoned with something different. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever had before, spices danced around my mouth while the buttered bread complimented the succulent nature of the chicken. The pickle punched my mouth with a pop of flavor on top of the amazing seasoning. 

      Without a doubt Popeye’s beat Chick-Fil-A by a landslide.The hype is real!I would definitely recommend the Popeye’s sandwich to anyone who asked.  Everything is worth it and don’t let your customer loyalty get in the way of true love.