Dr. Cortlan’s Key to Success

Ashlynn Riley, Staff Writer

Dr. Cortlan Wickliff’s life is the story of rags to riches. Dr. Cortlan came to West Brook High School and shared with the students his story of how he came to be who he is today.

    Dr. Cortlan graduated highschool at the prime age of 14 and proceeded to attend Rice University in Texas where he graduated at 19 with a degree in bioengineering. Now, he is the youngest engineer with a P.H.D in the nation. When Dr. Cortlan first started his journey to graduate at such a young age, people told him that he was not good enough or smart enough to live his dream. Despite this, he told the students that, “If you believe in yourself, it does not matter what anyone else believes.” Dr. Cortlan originally attended college on a full scholarship, consequently, because of this scholarship, he had to maintain a certain lifestyle. This means no involvement with drugs or crime. While at college, Dr. Cortlan felt as if he was out of place at Rice University, like he “Stuck out like a sore thumb.” Luckily,though, he found a group a friends to whom he could relate to. Ironically, those friends were not on the same path as he, therefore he was left with two choices: his friends- or his scholarship. In the end, he chose his scholarship. Because of this, Dr. Cortlan shared a piece of advice with the students he said, “ Surround yourself with like-minded people.”

     At the end of his lecture, Dr. Cortlan left the students with one last thought, he expressed that, “Every journey should include believing in yourself, doing your homework, getting to work, and achieving work.” That is the secret to success.