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BISD Paid-Tutoring Program

December 16, 2017

Senior Saloni Patel helps a fellow classmate study for the upcoming midterm.

Senior Saloni Patel helps a fellow classmate study for the upcoming midterm.

Senior Saloni Patel helps a fellow classmate study for the upcoming midterm.

This year, BISD introduced a new program which will allow high school juniors and seniors, who meet the requirements, to tutor elementary and middle school students for a paid wage. The students with the highest scores on the point system, based on the requirements, will be selected for orientation and possible participation. To have applied for the program students had to have met certain requirements.

“The students that are eligible must have passed the first nine-weeks grading period, all parts of the STAAR, have had no suspension or pathway assignment, a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, and must be available at least two days a week to tutor,” Director of Student Activities Tisha Smith said. “On the point system every tenth of a point higher than the minimum of the 3.5 GPA of the student will be an additional point, beginning with none. Points will also be given for extracurricular activities and days of availability, but will be deducted on disciplinary issues.”

This new program has many students excited about their possible participation in tutoring other students; many also want to know further details that administration still has not announced, including the wage amount. Students have stated how this program offers an opportunity for many new experiences and how it will most likely help them in the future.

“If selected, I hope to receive new teaching techniques while working with younger people,” senior Jasmine Fuller said. “I’m seeking for a job in the medical field and I believe tutoring others will help improve communication skills.”

This program will commence next semester and an orientation will most likely take place before the end of the first semester. All decisions about selected students will be made only by the district administration. With this being stated, multiple positive factors have been circulating around campus about the various benefits students will receive from this program.

“I think that this is a great program for high school students because it allows them to be immersed in the work environment at an early age,” senior Saloni Patel said. “This is really cool for BISD to offer because almost every career involves good interactions with peers, and teaching children is a great way to do so.”


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