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Bouncing Back: Bruins After Harvey

October 16, 2017

The front of the school, which survived Harvey's flooding of Southeast Texas.

The front of the school, which survived Harvey's flooding of Southeast Texas.

The front of the school, which survived Harvey's flooding of Southeast Texas.

The devastations of Hurricane Harvey took a toll on Texas, creating a demanding aftermath. The school was fortunate enough to have received considerably minimal water damage within the school, and striving to promote positive support throughout the school and community is the current objective.

“There were some issues within the school, but everybody worked hard here locally on the campus, and administration, to get that cleaned up to have the school ready for our children.” Assistant Principal Mrs. Cisneros said.

Although water was reported in several areas of the school, such as the math building and drama room, the main concern was getting the school back on its feet and being an aid to others amidst the tragedy.

“Teachers were very understanding,” Math Department Head Ms. Abel said. “They knew everybody had their own situations and circumstances…I think everyone has the same mindset that we are all going to be understanding.”

Although the teachers have been projecting their sympathy and compassion to the students, the staff themselves have also dealt with the results of the hurricane.

“We have many teachers who have been affected that have for the most part come back to school in total disarray,” Mrs. Cisneros said. “They have made it back and are determined to get both their lives back together and to get things back together for their students.”

Ordinarily students rejoice at the thought of a longer break from school. However, after Hurricane Harvey affected everyone one way or another, the community was eager to move forward, and many students were disappointed by the delay in beginning the school year.

“I was so ready to see all my friends and go to a new school, but then Harvey hit,” freshman Sherlyn Rabago said.

The continuation of sports and activities has sparked Bruin pride throughout the school and has aided in making headway to the norm. Football in particular has allowed for many different groups and aspects of the school to participate in a constant, weekly ordeal.

“We have to support the school in whatever situation we’re in, and it’s going to help us move forward,” Sherlyn Rabago said.

West Brook is not only working toward mending physical and emotional trauma within the school and student body, but is also sending it’s condolences to fellow schools. One school in particular is Central, who has yet to begin the school year.

“We are very, very fortunate that [although] we did have some issues, we were able to iron them out and get back on our feet,” Mrs. Cisneros said. “Our hearts go out to our fellow schools and we hope Central knows we are behind them 100 percent. We can’t wait to see them get back on their feet and be the best. Our hearts go out to them, their staff, and their students especially.”


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