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After School Rule Rundown

October 13, 2017

Students rush out of the building, headed toward the buses or their cars. eager to get home.

Students rush out of the building, headed toward the buses or their cars. eager to get home.

Students rush out of the building, headed toward the buses or their cars. eager to get home.

More rules have been put in place in recent years concerning the conduct of students after school. Below are the district policies regarding students on campus after school hours.

The following rules can be found in the Student Handbook on the official Beaumont ISD website(

Use by Students Before and After School (All Grade Levels)

Certain areas of the school will be accessible to students before and after school for specific purposes. Students are required to remain in the area where their activity is scheduled to take place. Please check with your child’s principal to see what areas are available to students before and after school. Unless the teacher or sponsor overseeing an activity gives permission, a student will not be permitted to go to another area of the building or campus.

After dismissal of school in the afternoon, unless a student is involved in an activity under the supervision of a teacher or other authorized employee or adult, or unless students are granted permission to remain on campus in accordance with policy FNAB, students must leave campus immediately.

Students who do not leave campus in a timely way will be gathered up and placed in a supervised location until their parents can transport them home.

It is imperative for the purpose of safety that students are picked up from school a timely manner. Parents are responsible for making arrangements for their child’s transportation home. Any failure to retrieve a student from school results in a safety concern and may constitute neglect. School officials are required by law to report suspected cases of child neglect to Child Protective Services (CPS) and/or to law enforcement agencies.

Conduct Before and After School (All Grade Levels)

Teachers and administrators have full authority over student conduct at before-­ or after-­ school activities on district premises and at school-­sponsored events off district premises, such as play rehearsals, club meetings, athletic practices, and special study groups or tutorials. Students are subject to the same rules of conduct that apply during the instructional day and will be subject to consequences established by the Student Code of Conduct or any stricter standards of behavior established by the sponsor for extracurricular participants.

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There are also procedures that are specific to the campus that are made at the end of each school year.

“We have district policies that we follow, but as far as how we manage the campus, we have campus policies that we follow as an administrative team,” said 11th grade Assistant Principal Joe Bowser. “We also have a committee that’s called the CEIC that will meet and discuss policies and procedures here on campus.”

Students that are still on campus are moved to the front of the campus and are monitored by either an assistant principal or a teacher until 5:00. If there is an activity after school, students are to stay with their sponsors or coaches until their ride picks them up.

“Mainly, it’s for student safety,” Bowser said. “That’s why we do it. That’s priority #1.”

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