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The Little Bruin That Could

8 year old Ewing's Sarcoma patient Julia Cobb sparks huge impact on West Brook's student body

October 30, 2013

Through Student Council, 8-year-old Julia Cobb has become the adopted Bruin that brings hope and inspires all that she encounters.

In February 2012 Student Activities Director Kristi Fuselier’s mother encountered Julia and her grandfather at an event in Houston.  Through assisting her grandfather and taking Julia to the restroom, Fuselier’s mother found the story about Julia. This little girl with a rare form of bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, was in Houston to receive treatment at MD Anderson and the rest of her family, mother, father, and three siblings, were back home. Fuselier then heard about the little girl and posted about her on Facebook knowing there was something special about Julia, even before she truly knew her.

“I posted on there, ‘There is something about her that I just can’t shake.  I know we haven’t heard the last from her,’” Fuselier said.  “God works in mysterious ways and sometimes when you hear about something you just can’t shake it.”

Fuselier could not have been more right.  Over the past year and a half, Julia has become a celebrity throughout the community.  Her purple “JuCan” shirts are seen everywhere from the hallways of West Brook, to the streets of Orange, to the Texas Tech Campus. Julia Cobb is making her impact far and wide.

“This little girl has become a rock in a lake that has this ripple effect.  It started with this little girl and her family.  Then my mom met her.  Then I met her.  Then West Brook met her.  Then Beaumont met her,” Fuselier said.

At only 8 years old, Julia has qualities that we all strive for.  Her heart of gold teaches everyone she encounters the values of life and the strength perseverance and courage brings.  Ju’s motto and favorite bible verse Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” inspire her and her campaign, “JuCAN – UCAN –  GODCAN.”

“How do you explain her?  She’s my hero.  We should all want to grow up just like her,” Fuselier said.

The West Brook family has come together to support Julia, so much so that she has become an adopted Bruin of sorts.  And the added 3,000 members of her new family here help fundraise and add plentiful emotional as well as financial support.

“It’s really cool that we can come together as a West Brook family and help out with Julia.  Cancer is something that affects everyone.  Not only does she have her immediate family, but she has this entire West Brook family supporting her,” senior Nick Morman said.

Beyond Student Council, the golf team is taking their share in supporting Julia and raising awareness for her family.

“As the golf team we want to raise money for her family.  We want to each set a personal goal and then go out in the community saying ‘We are raising money for the Cobb family, all proceeds benefit her and if we reach our goal we will shave our heads.’  Shaving our heads will also create awareness when people see us and hopefully increase the donations we receive for the Cobb family,” Morman said.

Julia is family.  We support her in the journey she and her family are enduring.   According to Fuselier, she is the little Bruin that can.

“That’s what West Brook is; we’re a family,” Fuselier said. “We give back and reach out to others who need us.  Julia is a little girl in need…and West Brook is giving back.”


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