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Home Alone Movie Review

December 14, 2017

Kevin's shocked countenance showcases the movie as a

Kevin's shocked countenance showcases the movie as a "family comedy without the family." Photo courtesy: Amazon.

Christmas rings in new repetitive tunes and serves as a time to break out the classical holiday movies. One movie which has withheld the test of time is the classic “Home Alone”. Directed by Chris Columbus, who directed some of the highly popular Harry Potter movies, “Home Alone” spotlights an eight year old boy and his Christmas break without his family.

The central character, Kevin McCallister, is first shown struggling to fit in with his large extended family. The tension reaches its climax when his brother Buzz eats the pizza specifically purchased for Kevin. Amidst the chaos a police officer, who is actually a burglar in disguise, is scoping out the house. However, he is barely noticed by the adults as they attempt to keep the children in the reins.

After the pizza incident, Kevin is sent to the attic for misbehaving. As he’s walking up the steps he tells his mom that he wishes his family would disappear, which foreshadows the events to come the next morning.

After realizing they’ve overslept, the family frantically finishes gathering their luggage for their anticipated trip to Paris. After a faulty headcount, the family is ready to leave- without Kevin. Instead, a pesky neighbor was included in the headcount while Kevin stayed snoozing in the attic.

Because the family paid for a van to take them, the McCallister’s personal vehicle was still at the house. This led Kevin to conclude that his family actually had disappeared, rather than them leave for the airport. After Kevin comes to this realization, he begins the festivities associated with being home alone. He eats junk food, watches violent movies, and even rides a sled down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s mom, Kate McCallister, cannot shake off the feeling that she is forgetting something. Once the plane is in the air, she comes to the shuddering realization that she left her son in Chicago. When the plane lands, she immediately begins making phone calls and contacting the police.

The pesky burglars persistently monitor the houses in the McCallister’s neighborhood. Kevin does an adequate job of making the illusion he’s not home alone at first, but the burglars soon realize there are no adults around and desire to rob the house.

Kevin has to fend off the burglars with intricate and painful traps. In the end, he is saved by the once intimidating neighbor, Marley, who became an ally of Kevin during his time alone.

Meanwhile, Kate McCallister journeys home with a polka band, and the rest of the family takes the next flight home. They are all able to come home just in time to spend Christmas Day with Kevin.

Macaulay Culkin plays the role as Kevin McCallister, and earned a spot as one of the highest paid childhood actors for the Home Alone movies. He also starred in “Home Alone: Lost in New York”, a popular sequel.

Overall, “Home Alone” is a holiday classic that can’t be skipped over this season. It combines many themes such as family, courage, and facing obstacles. I would give this movie 5/5 stars.


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