Student Spotlight: Mia Gallien

Brianna Julun, Staffer

 Lights ! Camera ! Action! 

     There is a rising star on the loose, Mia Gallien shines on her YouTube channel “Mia Marie“ where she has a total of 206,904 subscribers. 

     Mia’s inspiration came from other influencers on YouTube. “I loved watching YouTubers in middle school and figured it would be a nice hobby ” Senior Mia Gallien said.

      Mia’s YouTube content ranges from vlogs where she records her life, lifestyle, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), to natural hair care videos. Her biggest video is her ASMR video which was recorded here at West Brook. It gathered a total of 3.4 million views. 

     Mia participates in Young Life, Yearbook, and Gift of Life. She also does volunteer work at the Shorkey Center helping with special needs children. “My brother has Down Syndrome,” said Gallien, “so it has a special place in my heart.” Mia’s advice for others wanting to start a channel is “Just do it, don’t be nervous, and be yourself ”  Gallien said. So take this advice and start something new.