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Let The Games Begin

January 3, 2018

Basketball players jump to get the ball for the start of the game.

Basketball players jump to get the ball for the start of the game.

Photo Courtesy: Chelcie Lockridge

Photo Courtesy: Chelcie Lockridge

Basketball players jump to get the ball for the start of the game.

The end of football season has come upon us. Friday night lights are not on the field anymore, but on the court. Boys’ and girls’ basketball season kicked off their district games in December. New season means new players, but the goal for each season is still the same.

 “We’ve been working hard in the off season,” senior point guard Elijah Parquet said. “I expect us to go deep into the playoffs.”

Both teams this year have set the goal of making it farther in the playoffs then last season. The last two seasons, the girls’ basketball team made it to the first round of the playoff, but fell short to making it to the second round. On the other hand, the boys’ basketball team is looking for their first round in the playoffs. With the goal set for the season, all that’s left is a worthy team.

 “We are a lot better than last year,” junior center Clayton Carpenter said. “This year we will make playoffs.”

Carpenter has been on varsity for the past two seasons. Those two seasons he has seen his fair share of new players on the team. Each season the girls’ and boys’ team lose senior players and gained some junior varsity players. These changes equal new opportunities for a chance at playoffs. Unfortunately, this also means another round of losing senior players.

“I’m going to miss high school basketball,” senior point guard Serenity Bill-Williams. “I’m ready for college basketball though.”

The 2018 season will be the last time Bill-Williams and Parquet will play as Bruin. For their final season, making it far in the playoffs is their teams goal. With a team that believes in each other and a set goal, this new basketball season will be one to watch.

 “Our teams are all back and we have great chemistry this year,” Parquet said. “We are a pretty destructive team this season.”

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