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How to Knock Out Midterms

December 16, 2017

Students study diligently in Mrs. LeMasters' World History class for their upcoming midterm.

Students study diligently in Mrs. LeMasters' World History class for their upcoming midterm.

Students study diligently in Mrs. LeMasters' World History class for their upcoming midterm.

The first half of the semester is coming to an end, but that is just the beginning of midterms. Midterms can seem quite scary due to its roaring presence. Students can get shaken up as the date approaches for their exams, but here are some study tactics that can help one defeat the vicious monster, midterms.

“I know it might not be the best advice, but it’s the motto that I live by: the more I stress, the better I do,” senior Disha Patel said. “I once read that the smartest people procrastinate and consequently they become more innovative. After I take my tests, I feel innovative.”

Procrastination might not seem like the advice someone should take, but according to Patel, it is the best way to take on midterms. By pushing off the time to study a day before the exam, it can help one retain information better. Not only that, but managing one’s time can push oneself to follow a schedule that leads to scoring well on the exams.

“I study for four hours before I go to sleep and around 2:00 am is when I wake up to study some more,” Patel said. “I retain more information when I cram it all in a day before or even the day of the exam. I know if I constantly study the material for too long, I would forget it once I am handed the exam.”

Although it might not work for Patel, other students may manage their time to constantly study. Making a schedule for one’s exam dates will help better one’s chance of making a good grade. By taking the time to schedule different subjects to study can further help one remember what they have studied.

“I make a schedule for myself to annotate my notes, read any chapter that follows the curriculum, and create tests for myself,” senior Simran Kherany said. “I also make a checklist so that it motivates me to finish the tasks I have set for myself.”

Rather than studying alone, it can improve test results if one were to make study groups. In a study group, if one person did not understand a certain concept, then another person can clear up that confusion. Study groups can be a backbone for someone, because it will help the people within that inner circle to improve each other’s weaknesses.

“I tend to make study groups with people before midterms for any given subject if needed,” senior Britney Tang said. “I think that study groups help because you have others that might be strong in a subject that you aren’t to assist you. I usually second guess my answers, but in a group of three of more, I get to check them. If I got something wrong, I have someone there in that moment to go over the problem with me to find my mistake.”

Overall whether one plans to study in preparation for midterms ahead, or crams all the material in on the morning of the test, we all strive to pass our midterms. These test taking tips might just be what’s been missing for one to score well on exams. Try them out and see if it will give positive results.

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