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Christmas Traditions

December 16, 2017

Sophomore Mary Glaude is one of many students who have their own Christmas traditons.

Sophomore Mary Glaude is one of many students who have their own Christmas traditons.

Sophomore Mary Glaude is one of many students who have their own Christmas traditons.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for family Christmas traditions. People are able to celebrate the Christmas holiday with their loved ones. It adds a bit of holiday cheer when families can bring out their holiday traditions.

“Every Christmas Eve, my family and I meet at my grandmother’s house,” senior Keia Lopez said. “We get to chill and start our Christmas traditions after a big feast.”

Traditions around this season can be the meals that one may cook for the family or a specific time everyone may exchange gifts. It can play a big role in how families rekindle their relationships with one another. A strong bond can be formed between family members when meeting during the month of December.

“Our traditions usually consist of eating a hearty meal, drinking one too many eggnogs, and exchanging gifts with everyone,” Lopez said. “I can’t forget about the most important part, we always dance around the Christmas tree, holding hands, and singing any Christmas carol you can think of. It makes us feel closer in way because we finally get to all settle in one spot and take in the moment.”

The time for family bonding further continues if they were to step out of the more commonly known traditions. Taking a drive through the neighborhood is what senior Maci Cauley’s family likes to do for their fun Christmas rituals. Houses are usually decorated with lights and the best time to see these lights is during the night time.

“After spending a whole day at my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve, stuffed with her infamous gumbo and apple and pecan pies and finally having exchanged gifts, my family and I take a drive through the neighborhood,” Cauley said. “We like to drive around to look at the pretty Christmas lights and even take the time to sing carols in the car.”

Another holiday ritual could be traveling to another state or country. There are times where a part of one’s family is unable to make it over for the holidays, so taking a trip is a great solution. As the years’ pass, the trip to another state or country starts to become a tradition.

“Each and every year, my family and I take a trip to Mexico since my family is unable to come down to Texas. Christmas Eve is the day that we do our rituals,” sophomore Hannia Sanchez said. “A very important part of our tradition is when the clock strikes 12:00 am, we yell ‘Merry Christmas,’ hugging one another and then quickly after gather around to set off the fireworks.”

The possibilities can be endless for different families. Traditions for the Christmas holiday are what brings families closer. The importance of a holiday tradition can push others to enjoy a custom where one is able to show their love and enjoyment to their family.

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