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Club Highlights: Bruin Business Club

February 23, 2017

Bruin Business Club helps leads students down a potential career path.

Bruin Business Club helps leads students down a potential career path.

Yearbook Staff

Yearbook Staff

Bruin Business Club helps leads students down a potential career path.

Let’s get down to business—that’s the mindset of Bruin Business Club, an organization ready to educate students on the benefits of a business career. Many students find themselves drawn to business and management but are puzzled at where to start. The club, which began in 2014, is geared towards opening students’ minds on business professions.

“I’d say that [Bruin Business Club’s] mission statement would be to learn about business as much possible,” President Savannah Bond said. “Because it prepares us for any future endeavors involving business.”

As a way to encourage students into the business world, Bruin Business Club invites speakers from various business to educate students. By having local business professionals communicate of what it is really like to run a business, it is easier for students to connect a potential career with a familiar face.

“We contact local businesses or business people and see if they will come speak,” Bond said. “Last year we had Mr. Wilson (owner of local restaurant J.Wilson’s) come speak and he was great. He told us about his experience in college and how he got started opening restaurant chains and then started his own restaurant.”

By having an organization dedicated to helping students discover how the business world works, it serves to educate the potential of a possible career path. Bruin Business Club stands as a unique club because of the informative experiences it gives students and helps them because one step closer in discovering their future.

“[Bruin Business Club] helps students learn about potential majors in college,” Bond said. “Choosing a major is extremely difficult so the knowledge students gain from the club is very valuable and helpful.”

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