What to Watch During Quarantine

Justice Morrow, staff writer

We all know quarantine sucks. There’s only so many times you can get out of bed and go to the fridge before it gets old. Although the isolation isn’t always enjoyable, COVID-19 has made it a necessity. Look I know what you’re thinking, there isn’t enough Netflix in the world to get you through another month. But I’m about to amaze you with some Netflix bangers. If you are anything like me, you watch anything that looks good no matter the genre. Here are some of my recent favorites!

TV Shows:
American Horror Story(8 seasons 9/10)
Shameless(9 seasons 9/10)
Once upon a time( 7 seasons 8/10)
Vampire Diaries (8 seasons 6/10)
Gossip Girl(6 seasons 5/10)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (3 seasons 8/10)
On my block (3 seasons 9.5/10)
Self-made: Madam CJ Walker (10/10)
Love is Blind (1 season 9/10)
The Circle (1 season 8/10)
The Society (1 season 8/10)
Good girls (2 seasons 8/10)
A series of unfortunate events (3 seasons 7/10)
Locke and Key (1 season 7/10)
Umbrella Academy (1 season 7/10)
Tiger king (9/10)
You ( 2 seasons 10/10)
How to get away with murder(6 seasons 8/10)
All American (2 seasons 7/10)
The walking dead (10 seasons 8/10)
Stranger Things(3 seasons 9/10)

There are many more binge worthy series to enjoy during this quarantine, but in my opinion these are the best. They are time consuming and will keep you on the edge of your seat as we all get through this together. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!