Texas v. COVID-19

Mae Guidry, Production Editor

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought everyone’s life to a screeching halt. COVID-19 is not just claiming victims by the hundreds, it’s claiming small businesses; who are most vulnerable during this shutdown. The global stock market is crashing, companies are worried about importing off-shore products, the economy is drowning under coronavirus. Texas governor, Greg Abbott, said Friday, during a press conference, that he wants to reopen the Texas economy. He plans to release a set of guidelines instructing small businesses how to reopen safely, and continue production during this time. President Trump has been adamant about wanting to reopen the economy because of the recession that’ll follow COVID-19. Gov. Abbott is believed to have devised this plan because of the heat from Washington D.C.. He also stated that if Texas were its own country it would be the 11th economy in the world. Even with the support of the White House and other republican politicians, there are still many people who wonder if it is safe. Those citizens are questioning whether he should “reopen Texas” unless we have a medical professional say it’s safe to. 

Given statistics, Texas has accomplished a lot in regards to slowing the spread of coronavirus. There are 29 million residents of Texas, with only 13, 906 confirmed cases as of today and 287 deaths. Texas’ percentage of cases to residents is .048% and the percentage of deaths to residents is 0.001%. In other words, it seems Texas is doing its job in slowing the spreading of cases and providing preemptive medical care to lower the amount of complications and deaths caused. Although, does that mean it’s safe to return to life as normal? 

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