Parents on the Front Lines

Sarah Hamilton, Marketing Editor

In the midst of chaos and anxiety, here are some words from senior Madison Moore, whose parents work in direct care with COVID-19 patients.

“My mom is an R.N. in the emergency Department at Baptist Hospital. My dad is a Respiratory Therapist at St. Elizabeth and manages ventilators and airways of COVID-19 patients.

Both of my parents’ stress levels have definitely increased. My mom’s stress mainly comes from the fact that she doesn’t know if a patient is positive for COVID-19 while she is treating them. Taking care of suspected COVID-19 patients takes a lot more effort and stress by having to suit up in hot and uncomfortable Personal Protective Equipment in order to keep themselves safe. It’s also stressful for her when people come into the E.R. for minor things and expose themselves and others to the virus.

 It also takes a toll on my parents to be the patients only form of support since no visitors are allowed at the hospitals. My dad has been anxious since his job involved patient’s airways, putting him at a very high risk of exposure to the virus.

 I am proud of my parent’s and their coworkers for being so brave in facing such a scary virus. It is stressful for me knowing that my parents are being exposed to the virus for hours a day and can possibly bring it home. We have taken extra precautionary measures as a family including my parents not wearing scrubs at home, showering as soon as they get home, leaving shoes worn in public outside, self distancing ourselves at home and cleaning common surfaces very frequently. 

I think the hospitals were not prepared at all for something like this, as shown by the lack of PPE. It is disheartening that out healthcare workers are having to use the same and quite possibly contaminated protective equipment over and over. However, I am proud of how the hospitals are handling things given the circumstances. 

Every single person plays a part in this. Stay home! Wash your hands!”