My Life in Quarantine

Brianna Julun, staff writer

Homebody used to be a word I would use to describe myself , now I’m second guessing. Am I really a homebody ?

I really love being home but when someone tells me to, it’s a different story.

The COVID-19 has completely done a 180 around my daily life.

My workplace has even changed , instead of closing at 11p.m , we now close at 10p.m.

At first it was a dream come true . Then reality hits when I get my paycheck. Maybe I did need that extra hour after ll.

Also, since my job is very hands-on with the customers , we have to take precautions. Washing our hands was strictly enforced before , but now it’s that times 10. We wash or sanitize our hands after every customer we come into contact with. Sooner or later we most likely will be wearing gloves or masks,

The biggest change to come is of course school. It is bitter sweet , well mostly bitter for the graduating class of 2020. Plans have changed, but we still have hope for the memories we can make together before we part ways in the fall. 

Hopefully this will be over soon so we can return to our normal lives and have a safe rest of a school year. Stay safe Bruins.