How Covid-19 Affects American’s Trust in Government


Ashlynn Riley, staff writer

In the past several months, the now widely-known coronavirus, evolved from an epidemic in China to a pandemic across the globe. The United States has been hit the hardest during this pandemic with an astounding number of 400,300+ cases and a rising death toll of 14,700 (numbers conducted by 


Many Americans worry about their exposure to the virus and how it could affect them. As cases rise by the tens of thousands each day, the government scrambles to find a solution to the cancerous growth. The government’s lazy actions to slow the spread of covid-19 are becoming very apparent and cause a decline in the trust of their citizens. Countries such as China and South Korea have seen a steady decline in the number of coronavirus cases. South Korea, previously the hardest-hit country next to China, is now much farther down on the list than they were before. 


A common denominator in the steady decline of these countries’ cases is that fact that their government took initiative. They saw what was taking place before them and took almost immediate action to prevent the spread. Korea started early, before it got too bad, they isolated and enlisted public help. China, on the other hand, had much more strict restrictions forcing its citizens to comply with their rules of lockdowns. While the central government of America proceeds to take little action in this war, state governors have stepped up to the plate and taken on major leadership roles. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken fantastic measures to ensure the safety of his state, providing comfort to those in despair.


With that being said, the virus spread can be slowed within the U.S. if the central government would take control by proposing a nationwide shutdown of every non-emergency facility, have people be required to wear a mask if out in public, and barrel-down even harder on social distancing. America, the most powerful country in the world, looks weak in the face of our adversaries as we battle for a solution to our seemingly cancerous problem.