Fun Things to do During Quarantine

Haden Young, staff writer

Covid-19 has put a damper on what should have been an exciting spring semester. School, UIL events, sports, and many more activities have been cancelled due to the new pandemic. Although we may not be able to spend time with one another, we are still able to entertain ourselves with some fun quarantine activities. Here are some fun ideas!

  1. Paint! Painting is an excellent way to relieve stress and exercise your creativity. Acrylic and water based paints are often found in nearly all homes. Just check in your study! If you don’t have any canvas lying around, a sheet of copy paper on a corkboard will work just as well. 
  2. Go on a run! One of the only ways we are able to escape from home is by exercising outside. One way to do this is go on a brisk run. The weather this time of year in Beaumont is particularly mild which makes an enjoyable running environment. Not only are you exercising, but you’re not thinking about how bored you are! 
  3. Make playlists! Making playlists is a fun activity to bide your time. I recommend a playlist for every mood you have. Personally, I have a happy playlist, a sad playlist, a Taylor Swift playlist, and a work out playlist. 
  4. Try some new recipes! Cooking is an excellent way to spend your quarantine. If you’re like me, you love food, and nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal made by no other than yourself. Recipes can be easily found online and missing ingredients can almost always be substituted. So get creative!


I hope you enjoyed these examples of ways to stay busy. Remember, quarantine will eventually come to an end and we will transition back to a normal life. Stay safe and wash your hands