Cherry Hill

Sarah Hamilton, Marketing Editor

 West Brooks music scene has recently been dominated by the rock band Cherry Hill. The band consists of drummer Ryan Worthey, bassist Daniel Rodriguez, guitarist Gavin Puckett, and guitarist and lead singer Max Madden.

  The band was started by Madden in 2018 after he found out that some of his best friends were musicians too. 

      “We started the band because we like music, we listen to a lot of music, and we really wanted to make music,” Madden said.

  Each band members started playing their instrument at different points in their lives and for different reasons. Worthey started his hobby of drumming a little later but has found a love for the way he can transform a song with his drumming abilities.

      “I started playing drums when we formed the band because I don’t have my own drum set,” said Worthey, “so Max let me use his whenever we practice.”

      “I decided I wanted to play guitar because I listen to mostly guitar-centered music,” said Puckett, “And I wanted to be able to recreate my favorite sounds.”

  While Cherry Hill has been practicing for a while, they’ve only recently given the band it’s name. Members attribute the name to Rodriguez. 

      “In a way, the band name means a simpler time because it connects to my childhood.” said Rodriguez, “Cherry Hill is actually the name of a street I used to always go to when I was a kid.”

 Cherry Hill had their first public performance recently at the LogOn Cafe. The room was packed with what was referred to as the largest open mic night crowd that the LogOn Cafe has ever seen. Many West Brook students showed up to support the band. 

      “We’ve only ever played in two places;” said Madden, “My backyard and the LogOn.”

  Some of the band members are new to performing in public and sometimes deal with nerves before they play.

      “It’s exciting up until you get to the show,” said Rodriguez, “And then once we’re there, I start to get nervous.”

      “I’ve been performing for people since eight or ninth grade,” said Madden, “ So I don’t really get nervous before a show.”

  The band often practices covers of their favorite rock songs. At the LogOn Cafe, Cherry Hill performed a few new original songs written by Madden. This is the first time the band debuted their own songs. 

      “Writing for me is really just a thing where I just have to sit down, do it and not worry about what’s going on around me,” said Madden, “The three songs we played at the LogOn were written in the two days before we performed.”

    As these musicians further their career they’ve been able to reflect back on their biggest inspirations thus far. 

      “My dad is by far my biggest inspiration,” said Puckett, “He introduces me to almost all the music I listen to and we love going to concerts together to see our favorite bands. That just made me want to play guitar even more.”

       “I’ve always been around musicians, and my dad was in a band,” said Madden, “I’ve grown up going to see local shows with my dad, and I guess the way he lived his life really influences how I live mine.”