What the Heck is Seussical?

Ashlynn Riley, Staff Writer

West Brook High School will be performing Seussical the Musical,in February. You may be wondering, what is Seussical? Seussical is a sung-through musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Seussical is based on the children’s stories of Dr. Seuss, most of the plot based on his book, “Horton Hears a Who!”, whilst having many other stories mixed in. The musical is a portmanteau of “Seuss” and “musical.”
The story is narrated by the Cat in the Hat. It begins with an elephant named Horton (who is a very vivid thinker), that crosses paths with a dust speck from which he hears voices. Horton calls out to the duct speck and hears the voice again, with this, Horton decides that he will take care of the dust speck. Therefore, he placed the speck on a soft clover, protecting them from harm. Soon, the animals of the jungle, discover that he is talking to a clover and think he is crazy, Horton strongly believes that there are in fact, people on the speck and he is responsible for them. Although everyone in the jungle believes Horton to be looney, there is one bird named Gertrude who had faith in him from the start.
Feeling hopeless and alone, horton sits by himself in the middle of the night, when all of a sudden, Horton hears that same voice he heard a few days ago. That very voice belongs to a young boy named Jojo, who just like Horton, is an avid thinker. Jojo feels as if nobody understands him, that is until he meets Horton. They immediately connect and become friends. As soon as Horton and Jojo have became friends, the animals of the jungle torment him and take his clover away. Horton spends countless days and hours searching for his friends. Meanwhile Gertrude tries to get Horton to notice her as more than a neighbor. Gertrude goes out to find Horton’s clover, and to her prevail, she found it and returned it to him. While this is happening, Horton happens to sit upon an egg that was gifted to him, he feels responsible for this egg as well.
Next, Horton and his clover are taken to trial where he is found guilty of loitering on an egg, and talking to a dust speck. He begs and pleads the Who’s to shout so that they can be heard. Thanks to Jojo and his made-up new word, everyone in Nool heard the Who’s. Immediately, the animals of nool had a revelation, they could hear the Who’s. From then on, they vowed to help Horton protect the dust speck.