Swim Team Makes a Splash As it Starts its New Season

Cristina Marquez, Staff Writer

Swim Team Makes a Splash As It Starts Its New Season

While the start of November usually signifies the start of fall and cold weather, for some students at Westbrook it means the start of their favorite season; swim season!

The members of the West Brook swim team have high hopes for this season. “ I’m excited to see everyone drop time, I see myself improving a lot this season.” said Sophomore, T.J. Li. 

The first swim meet, that happened this past Saturday, solidified Li’s statement, as the swim team performed wonderfully. 

 These hard working athletes train all year long in preparation for their competitions.. During swim season you can find the swim team at the BISD Natatorium for up to three hours daily.

The effort being put into this organization by these team members can be directly correlated to their great success. “ The team’s success is definitely related to how much Coach Walker pushes us.” Li, said.

The swim team’s great leadership doesn’t end with Coach Walker, as this year there are three potent captains. They are Erin Ross (senior), Emily Zhou (senior), and Frida Sandoval( junior).

These three bruins are very eager to lead their team into a great season. Zhou states, “ I am most excited to be able to take care of people and ease their burdens. I like the extra responsibilities and being more accessible to my teammates.”  

When asked what traits a good captain possesses, Sandoval said, “ A team leader should have a strong foundation and focus on teaching new members the basics to swimming.”

With the heavy responsibilities that come with being on the swim team, it’s no surprise that this sport shapes your character. As of swimmer of 10 years, Zhou believes very strongly that swim has shaped her into the person she is today. “ Swim gets you out of your comfort zone, you learn to take care of yourself and to become more mature.” 

With the momentous work being put into this season by coaches, captains, and teammates alike, the West Brook Swim Team are sure to have a record-breaking season.