West Brook Students On The Block

For the 2019-2018 school year, West Brook chose to make a major change. Instead of having 7, fifty minute periods a day, administration decided to try out a block schedule technique. Now, students go to 4 classes a day which are an hour and a half long each. The third class of each day is their fifth period class where they attend every day for an hour and go to their assigned lunch period. Also, “Power Hour” was added to give students time for studying and catching up on all of their work. There are many different benefits to this change and more are realized every day.

First off, many people really like this different organization of classes.”I feel like I get more information and time to process it all.” Student Hannah Dockens (12th) said. “I also can ask a lot more questions when I get confused since we have more time.” Dockens says.

With the longer class periods, students can have time to make sure they really understand what they’re being taught, it really is beneficial for both students and teachers.

Because of the new block schedule, “Power Hour” was introduced. This is about a 45 minute period for students to study and get ahead on their homework. “Power Hour actually is my favorite part of the day.” Megan Hansen (11th) says. “I get to catch up on all of my work and just take a minute to feel stress free for a small part of my long school day. Also, I get time to digest my food before my athletic period starts, so that is very helpful.” Hansen says.

Overall, there are many people who are very appreciative of the change. It helps in many different ways, ways that a 7 period day couldn’t accomplish. Students are retaining an abundance more of information and having a lot more time to understand what they are being taught. Also, many students go home with less homework than before block scheduling. So, changing to a block schedule ended up being even better than most people thought, and the list of pros for the new tactic is much longer than a regular 7 period day class schedule.