The lies told about the Amazon

Jayla Malone, Author

Many myths are being spread about the Amazon Forest fire, so let’s get down to business. First and foremost, while the Amazon Rainforest is incredibly important to the ecosystem, it is not 20% of all worlds oxygen, it’s closer to 6%. The Amazon is not doomed as may be presented to you in the media if Brazil and other Amazon nations improve their programs for fighting forest fires and re-establish forest cover that had already been destroyed. Allowing the rainforest to grow back naturally and actively restoring it on degraded land can reverse many of the negative impacts from deforestation. The smoke coming from the fire creates a thick blanket making it appear more of the forest is destroyed, when in actuality most of the fire doesn’t lift off the ground. Lastly, the Amazon burning is a yearly thing while this year has set the record for most fires burned since 2010.  It isn’t a new disaster that this world has faced and it won’t be the last time it happens.