New Edition to Bruin Pride: The Spirit Shack

Maleena Bennett, Staff Writer

     Every year at running start, the West Brook booster clubs and organizations display their new spirit wear for students and parents to buy. During this time, most students get their West Brook gear that they will wear throughout the year. Most of these shirts are usually hard to purchase at any other time. But there is now an easy and convenient way to get your hands on these items.

     The Spirit Shack is a new edition to West Brook this year. It has been in the works for a while now, but it is finally here. Student Activities Director, Ms. Smith, is the person behind the spirit shack.

    “I wanted a place for students to be able to come in that maybe didn’t go to running start or didn’t have a chance to purchase shirts.” Smith said. “We wanted to have a central location of all shirts on campus.”

     The Spirit Shack isn’t just a place for past shirts either. It will have a variety of items that you maybe haven’t even seen before. With such easy access to the Spirit Shack, everyone should be able to show off their school spirit this year.

     Smith said, “We have past shirts from previous years, but I’m also wanting our booster clubs and other organizations to put in their items.” “We have shirts, license plate holders, water bottles, stickers, decals, and a bunch of different things we had already gotten from other booster clubs.”

     Although Ms. Smith is the woman behind the shack, she doesn’t plan to run it alone. She hopes to have help from students as well.

     “I want to have students help.” Smith said. “Whether it be student council or another club’s group, I want students to come help run it.

     Smith says that when she incorporates students, she hopes for more hours mainly during lunch and in the morning. But, if you are ready to purchase your spirit gear now, and show off to everyone your new items, then take a visit to the Spirit Shack as soon as you can. It’s located at the corner of A and H hall in H1, and it will be open on Friday mornings and Friday during lunch.