Class of 2020’s Painted Parking Spots

October 22, 2019

This year, West Brook administration offered seniors the opportunity to personalize their parking spot with an original paint job. These students spent long hours out of their weekend to put together these unique pieces of art. We asked students for the story behind their parking spot, here’s what they had to say…



Madison Moore
Madison Moore




“I painted a monogram and flowers on my parking spot because I wanted a nice and happy spot to drive up to every morning.” Madison Moore

Malek Prudhomme














     “Basketball is my favorite sport and I wanted to showcase my affinity for the sport by painting a basketball court onto my spot. I also noted my position as a drum major the West Brook High School Soundpower Marching Band on the spot as well to notify others of my hard work and dedication to the organization. Painting my spot took a lot of effort but it was most definitely worth it in the end.” Malek

Lauren Benton








     “I painted a flower and a quote on my parking spot because it represents who I am.” Lauren Benton

Katelyn Dickerson









     “I painted my parking spot the 50 yard line. I knew when designing my spot I wanted to include something along the lines of being captain of Stars, so I decided to paint where I’d be all football season long!” Katelyn Dickerson

Devin Jones













     “I painted stitch from Lilo and Stitch because I thought it’d be cool to have a parking spot that stood out from the others.” Devin Jones

Kennedy Gilder














     “I painted ‘Be the change… Kennedy 2020’ because there’s so much negativity in the world that we forget to be positive, therefore be the change.” Kennedy Gilder

Peyton Barrett












     “I painted Sisyphus, a Greek myth about a man cursed to roll a rock up a hill everyday for the rest of his life. For me, it represents that no matter how hard or mundane life can get, you can choose to be happy while doing menial tasks.” Peyton Barrett

Sarah Hamilton












     “I wanted to paint something bright and joyful. I chose the words ‘start today with a grateful heart’ so that I would be reminded to choose happiness everyday.” Sarah Hamilton 

Brea Landry












     “On my parking spot I painted a leaping dancer girl with the theme of West Brook Stars because I love dancing and being on such an amazing drill team!” Brea Landry

Maleena Bennett













     “I wanted to paint Spongebob on my parking spot because the show was a big part of my childhood, and this year is really the last time we get to be kids. So I had to make sure that I did something funny and carefree.” Maleena Bennett


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