Netflix: Out with the Old in with the New

April 3, 2019


Netflix is going through a rebranding process thus the circa 2018 logo.

The robots are taking over — or, well, more like the internet is taking over. As time goes on, internet corporations seem to slowly be taking the business of ‘traditional’ establishments. Print media is dying off to online media sites, online retail shops are the new way to buy, and even cable television is being replaced by the ever-growing number of internet production companies. Netflix is the biggest proponent to this, enticing viewers with hits such as Stranger Things, The Ted Bundy Tapes, and Black Mirror.

            “I watch Netflix originals more often than not,” senior Leila Abel said. “They have a sense of originality and spunk that other movies and T.V. series lack.”

            The lack of constraints put upon Netflix’s shows by network executives, unlike their cable counterparts, allow them to produce more honest and creative shows and movies that appeal to audiences.

            “I find myself picking Netflix originals for their raunchy zing,” senior Lizzy Escalera said. “Cable shows have to cover or hide the explicit content, but Netflix is able to execute the joke with all the bells and whistles so to speak.”

            However, these lack of constraints come with a price. The over production of shows and movies means that Netflix often compromises the quality of said shows and movies.

            “Although Netflix addresses many issues and topics not covered in mainstream television, they produce so many shows and movies that many of them flop,” junior Andres Martinez said. “They can’t all be good, but when they are, they’re amazing.”

            Another advantage that the online streaming service has is the absence of commercials. While there have been rumors surrounding Netflix’s implementation of commercials in the future, for the time being, viewers are able to watch shows uninterrupted.

            “I hate the pauses between scenes while watching a show on T.V.,” freshman Cristina Marquez-Pereda said. “I love that when I watch a Netflix show I can watch it all the way through without disruption.”

            The ability to watch an entire season of a Netflix original adds to its charm. Many viewers like the option of ‘binge-watching’ a show, which may account for the huge influx of subscriptions the company has acquired over the years.

            “Being able to watch as much of a show as I want is definitely a wow factor,” junior Garret Tucker said. “With the limited time I have to relax, I like being able to watch all of my favorite show at once.”

            Netflix’s ability to appeal to a wide audience has propelled it to the top of, not only online streaming services, but all entertainment streaming. The production company slowly transitioned, from solely a streaming service, to a full-fledged powerhouse production company that sought to, and did, capture the young minds of the world.

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