Things To Do on Spring Break

March 8, 2019


By Katya Homer

The 47th annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta is on Saturday, March 9.

The commencement of Spring nears as flowers are blooming and procrastination is thick in the school air. The ending of the school year starts to emerge as Spring Break marks the closure of the third-quarter of classes. This year, the break falls during the second week of March, which is the perfect opportunity for students to take a break from their studies by partaking in multiple activities.

Whether it be leaving town and traveling to another location or staying local, there are many ways to spend the week with enjoyment and relaxation. These activities can also be economical or free as being in amiable environment proves as effective.

Painting has been a trending activity this year as it attests to be therapeutic. Attending a local art studio like Painting with a Twist is relatively inexpensive and is an easy way to enjoy yourself while still being creative. If attending an art class isn’t the best option, then an easier alternative is to purchase your own canvas and supplies and paint in the park or in another suitable environment. Both methods will be still equally provide a pleasurable experience.

As the weather continued to rise, it provides a perfect opportunity for hitting the beach during the break. While it may sound more adventurous to go to South Padre Island, Galveston and Crystal Beach grant a closer proximity. Both locations are home to other water parks and other tourist locations, like Moody Gardens.

Another form of entertainment is available by attending the shows held at the Julie Rogers Theatre. During the time period of the break, the theatre will host a show from the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters National Tour. This ensemble performs a variety of music throughout the United States to a multiple amount of people including the president and other dignitaries.  It will also provide a movie night of the film The Wizard of Oz. The theatre holds various production year-round and a multitude of them are free of charge, so it’s an activity that is inexpensive to take part in during the break.

A trip to Houston will also be a great way to find entertaining activities as it holds various events of different nature. Several events that will occur during the break include the 60th Annual Houston St. Patrick’s Parade, the 47th Annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta (Texas’ largest canoe and kayak race), a Pi Day Pi(e) Fight, and a Corgi Race. As Houston is home to a numerous amount of museums, it will also hold a showing of over 50 masterworks of Vincent van Gogh at the Museum of Fine Arts.

These are just a brief glimpse of what is offered during Spring Break. There are many activities to be involved in during that week week, whether it be volunteering, relaxing at the beach or attending a show or another production from an organization.

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