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December 12, 2018


A December Bride is one of Hallmark”s more popular movies.

For years, Hallmark Christmas movies have been played across millions of TVs during the holiday season.  For many, sitting down in front of the TV with a cup of hot chocolate and turning on the Hallmark Channel, has become a tradition during the winter months.  With the Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas,” viewers will be getting 22 new original movies this year. Last year’s “Countdown to Christmas,” programming even reached more than 72 million viewers.  But what makes these cheesy Christmas movies so popular?  In order to come to a conclusion, I chose 3 classic Hallmark Christmas movies to watch and review for myself.

            Starting off the list is “Northpole” a happy, family-friendly movie about the Nothpole’s electricity, powered by holiday spirit, being threatened because of the lack of happiness in the world.  So, it is up to the elf, Clementine, and little boy, Kevin, who seems to be the only kid left with any Christmas spirit, to spread happiness to everyone and save the Northpole’s power supply and Christmas.  This charming holiday movie, although a little cliché, will be loved by everyone in the family and is the perfect way to get everyone into the mood for the holiday season.

            Next on the list, a Hallmark Hall of Fame classic, is “ November Christmas,” an emotional film about a community coming together to help a sick little girl celebrate the Halloween and Christmas months early.  Her family and friends want to ensure that she can celebrate the remaining holidays of the year before her illness takes over.  This sweet movie will warm everyone’s heart and remind everyone to not take the little moments that you have with your loved ones for granted.

            Last on the list, another movie in the Hallmark Hall of Fame is “ Christmas in Conway,” perhaps the most romantic movie on the list, is about a husband, Duncan, trying to gift his wife, who was recently released from the hospital, with the best Christmas present she’s ever received.  In order to rekindle their romance as well, he decides to build her a ferris wheel in their backyard, just like the one that he asked her to marry him on many years ago. This heartwarming classic shows how a deep and beautiful love can drive a man to achieve the seemingly impossible.

            These three classic Hallmark Christmas movies are just a little glimpse at the Hallmark Christmas movie collection. The romance, the cliché storylines, the family bonds in all of these films make for instantly loveable movies.  Although all of the movies I watched were great, in my opinion, “November Christmas,” hit home with me the most. It reminded me that the holiday time is all about family and really put me into the Christmas spirit. So, if  ever in need for a good movie, one that you can watch alone or one that you can gather on the couch and watch with your family during the holiday season, then think about flipping to the Hallmark Channel, and I’m positive that it won’t disappoint.

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