How To Shop for School Supplies

December 10, 2018

Everyone knows it’s time for school when stores begin to advertise school supplies. It’s the most dreaded part of the summer, and sadly there is no way to avoid it. Shopping for school supplies is inevitable for all high school students; however, how they choose to school shop differs.

“When it comes to school supplies, I look at the cheapest price before I look at the quality,” junior Hannia Cardenas said. “I’d rather not pay an arm and a leg for fancy pens when I can get ones that work just as well for cheaper.”

Some students don’t want to pay excessive amounts for school supplies. As long as their pens write and their journals can be written in, it doesn’t really matter how high quality the product is. This leads students to choose places like Walmart that offer lower quality but cheaper products over places like Office Depot that are nicer quality but pricier. However, some students like to go all out while shopping for school supplies.

“I like shopping on brand for my school supplies,” junior Gabi Castillo said. “It lasts longer, and it doesn’t fall apart. I like my stuff to look classy. Even if it’s as simple as school supplies.”

Some believe that buying higher quality school supplies will ensure that they last the whole year, and that the extra money they have to pay is worth it. Additionally, some students like to go all out for school supplies. Some want their supplies to be high quality and fashionable. Another factor to consider when shopping for school supplies is when to shop for them.

“I like to buy my school supplies two weeks after school starts,” senior William Ehoro said. “That’s around the time the teachers are done telling us what we need for class. This way I don’t have to return anything or spend unnecessary money on supplies I don’t need,”

At West Brook, students don’t exactly know what they need for their classes until they go to all of them on the second day of school. Additionally, there are always a lot of schedule changes the first two weeks of school, so some students don’t think it’s wise to buy all of their things before they know what classes and teachers they will have. On the other hand, some students think it’s a better idea to go before school starts.

“I always shop for my school supplies a couple weeks before school starts,” junior Fredrick Bush said. “Generally, classes always ask for the same basic stuff, and I’d rather not be worried about school shopping when I could already have it done before school starts.”

Typically, teachers only ask for a folder, a notebook, and something to write with. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is arguably easier for some to just go pick up a few items they don’t already have rather than do all the school shopping during the school year when they are worried about other things. Even if students buy something they don’t need, they can always find a purpose for it, or maybe even save it for next year.

How people shop for school supplies is completely dependent upon the person. Some people don’t care about the quality of their supplies, while some can’t bear the thought of having cheap school supplies. Some like to buy their supplies weeks in advance, while others rather wait last minute. At the end of the day, everyone is getting what they need for school in some form or fashion.

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