“Trick or Treat!”

October 31, 2018


By Andrea Castañeda

Leila Abel (12), Ruthie Miller (12), and Lily Yoder (12) get some Chick-fil-A after trick or treating for UNICEF.

Halloween is coming up, and although trick-or-treating for candy is great, some students are motivated by other means.  Key Club will be doing their annual UNICEF Trick-or-treat this year on October 31. The UNICEF Trick-or-treat is an event in which volunteers dress up on Halloween, but instead of collecting candy, they collect money that is donated to UNICEF, a worldwide organization that helps provide for kids in need from education to sanitary needs.  The UNICEF Trick-or-treat is a great fundraiser that generates lots of money to help thousands of kids.

If you are in Key Club, get involved! Volunteering can be a very rewarding event that not only helps the community but also helps yourself.

“I volunteer because I am able to meet new people and look at life from a different perspective,” senior Julia Alvarez said. “Volunteering gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and helps me feel more involved within the community.”

Alvarez participated in the UNICEF Trick-or-treat last year and found the experience very rewarding.

“My favorite part is bonding with the new people. Learning the life stories about others is always interesting, and gives me a new perspective.”  

Another Key Club participant, Rodolpho Sifuentes, benefits from volunteering in a slightly different way.

“The reason I volunteer is because of the many upsides to it,” Sifuentes said. “I don’t consider myself to be the most outgoing person out there, but volunteering has permitted me to break out of my shell in the Beaumont community.”  

Even if you are not in Key Club, try and donate to the cause. Every dollar counts and is much appreciated. UNICEF depends on these donations, so try and find someone collecting and donate some change.

“Although we weren’t expecting to raise much, we actually ended the evening with about $160,” Sifuentes said. “If every little group can raise this much or more, that would be great. With your help, we can make that happen.

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