The Evolution of West Brook

October 29, 2018


By Joshua Capps

Alex Suh (11), Nicole Ngo (12), Axel Mercado (12), Hunter Berni (12), Natane Randall (11), Peyton Jackson (12), and Chase Hornsby (12) pose as an example of some of West Brook’s social groups.

West Brook High School is rapidly changing. Since the class of 2008, the amount of total students has increased by 268 students. Even though there has been an increase in population, there has been almost no change at all in the buildup of the population. With the growth of students, there has been a drastic growth of clubs and social groups. There has also been a change in policies.

            “Students have more access to the internet and social media,” assistant principal Joe Bowser said. “When I was here initially as a teacher, we didn’t have laptops and tablets…”

            According to a study from The University of Haifai, 94% of students used their cell phones during a class period. This results in a lack of attention span. This means teachers can no longer give lectures.

            “Students have lost skills in taking notes,” teacher Sharon Matthews said “Their attention spans are quite a bit shorter.”

            As cell phones take away our attention and some of our writing skills, they also give us new information and knowledge.

            “Students skills are better than when I first started teaching because of access to the internet so they have way more information.” Matthews said.

            “There has absolutely been a growth in clubs,” teacher Candice Lemasters said. “When I first came to West Brook there were very few clubs.”

            Mrs. Lemasters also attributes the growth of clubs to Mr. Daniels, the principal in 2006. Regardless, the growth of clubs could be a result of the growth of students. The growth of students may result in the growth of people in Jefferson county maybe due to storms or hurricanes.

            “There has been an increase in social groups,” Spanish teacher Senora Castro said. “I think having different social groups helps everyone fit in…”

            Social groups have changed drastically. You still have your regular classroom groups but instead of just nerds and jocks, you have more dynamic groups like gamers, football players, Student Council, or AG farm members. This could be due to the growth of clubs. For example, BRAVE members hang out with other BRAVE members and so on so forth. Overall, the growth of students has resulted in a growth of clubs and that results in more social groups which makes West Brook a friendly and happier place all around.

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