Singing Isn’t Just for Girls

October 23, 2018


By Andrea Castaneda

The Men’s Choir prepare to sing at their fall concert on October 9.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. These iconic words usually bring an image of a woman rehearsing for an upcoming song she will perform. The image created by these words is not normally of a man. The choir is, however, fighting this image. Although uncommon, the boys’ choir is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

While singing is usually considered a girl’s talent, a great deal of boys are starting to join the choir. The growth is vast and without one set answer as to why it is happening. Everyone has their own theory and they are all plausible.

“I think it’s because choir is so much fun,” senior Rebecca Solano said. “We had a lot of fun choir parties last year, so I think maybe some people told their friends about it, and their friends decided to join.”

Similar to Solano, many attribute the growth of the boys’ choir to friend recommendations. One friend will join choir, talk about it a lot to their friends, then towards the end of the year convince their friends to join alongside them. Choir, then, becomes the “cool” thing to do, and, therefore, there is huge growth.

“I joined my sophomore year, when boys’ choir really started to pick up,” senior Douglas Stone said. “The guys participate a lot more. I think it’s because some guys get in then they tell their friends about it, so they join as well. That’s how I joined, actually.”

The increase of boys has made an impact, not only, on them, but on the choir as a whole. The increase of boys also means an increase of different voices. The unprecedented influx of voices may have been hard to find a place for at first, but has made the choir a much more diverse group.

“One of the perks of having a school with a large population is there is a whole class dedicated to men’s choir and another for Rhapsody (a mixed choir),” junior Jade Bisnar said. “I’m very happy about it because having variation of different voices is very refreshing to listen to.”

The growth of the boys’ choir has not been lost on anyone. Most are excited about the growth, saying it adds to the diverse voices, groups, and skill set of the choir. The more people, the better the choir.

“I’m not in the boys’ choir,” senior Solano said. “I’m happy, though. It makes me happy to see so many guys joining the choir. It’s nice to see boys breaking the stereotype and doing something they love.”

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