Ready Player One: The Futuristic Movie Hitting Theaters Now

April 23, 2018


Set in the year 2045, Ready Player One forecasts dismal life in the future and the methods people will use to escape this life. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film bases itself off Ernest Cline’s novel of the same title.  In the movie, all activity exists in a virtual reality universe known as the “OASIS”. This virtual simulation was created by James Halladay (Mark Rylance), an intellectual who ingeniously generated an escape from the dispiriting reality of life. The OASIS allows players to become whoever they want to be, allowing their imagination to form the essence of who they are and the lifestyle they live.

            Upon Halladay’s passing, he left an “Easter egg” in the simulation that would leave the winner with his inheritance along with complete control of the OASIS. To complete the quest, one must find all three hidden keys. After five years of hunting and no lead, most avatars give up the chase, except for a few. At the forefront of the continued search is the leading video game manufacturer called “Innovative Online Industries” (IOI). However, underdog Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) also finds himself hot on the chase along with his friends, known as the “High Five”.

            Wade Watts first sets out to find the keys alone, however he is later accompanied by four other avid searchers, including his closest friend “H” and admirable “Artemis”. As the “High Five” dives deeper into the search, their avatars are not only in increasing danger but their lives too. They meet up in the real world to fight the IOI, where Wade falls in love with Samantha Cook (Olivia Cooke), who is the face behind her avatar Artemis.

            By contrasting the friendships formed in real life to the growing havoc in the OASIS, Wade and the audience alike understand the importance of enjoying life outside of the V.R. headset.
            Because the Oasis is portrayed as being meticulously crafted, the movie showcases great detail to its features. Each sector of the simulation features intricate technological designs, and great time is spent creating diverse and unique avatars that are affiliated with other players. This animation gives the film more liveliness and allows the viewer to feel that they too are in the simulation.

            Because the movie constantly switches from simulation to real life, concerns may revolve around the viewers’ confusions as to what is reality and what is not. Toward the end of the movie, the “High Five” deceives the antagonist Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn), CEO of IOI. They make him believe he is in his office, when in reality he is still in the simulation. This could cause confusion for the viewer as the line between reality and simulation blurs as the plot thickens. Apart from this, the audience generally knows the difference between the worlds because of the avatar’s animations contrasting real people.

             Ready Player 1 forecasts the future by showing life in the year 2045. Typically not a fan of the genre, to my surprise the movie kept me locked to the plot and always in suspense. Overall, I’d give this movie 4/5 stars.













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