A New Change To The BISD Calendar

March 8, 2018


For the following school year of 2018-2019, a new school calendar is set to occur. The unusual aspect about it is the sudden change of the first day of school. In recent years, school has commenced on the third week of August, usually on a Monday or Wednesday. The new calendar states that school will start on Monday, Aug. 13. This is almost two weeks prior to the usual starting date. This being said, this also means that school will let out on May 23, before Memorial Day which is usually a school holiday.

            A benefit to this change will be the evening out of the school weeks into the nine-week grading periods. This will result in benefits for teachers due to it allowing them to have a set teaching schedule and giving them an efficient period of time to teach the entire curriculum in an organized and set manner. Another change to the calendar would be the later start of the second semester. The second semester usually starts around January 2 or 3, but the following year it will begin on Jan.

            After the first day of this school was delayed, it led to complicated commencement for schools due to not starting the teaching days earlier. The new calendar will allow for classes to begin before a natural disaster or other problem can occur. Even if the issue were to occur, going back to school would be easier for students and teachers due to the new schedule.

            Even though the sudden start of school may be a good idea for some, it has led to problems and concerns, for students and teachers. One issue to arise would be from Advanced Placement (AP) students who plan to take AP exams. This concern is mostly addressed towards AP rising seniors who plan to take the AP exams next year. Seniors usually take their final exams a week prior to the rest of the student body, because they go on senior activities. The concern is that during the month of May, AP tests are administrated to the students. The exams are spread out during that month and several of the exams are during the week of finals for rising seniors. This is a concern that could have not been thought about, but there is surely a solution that will be announced at a later date.

            There are many opinions towards the new school calendar on which teachers and the school administration has voted and decided. Some are positive, while others are negative, but this doesn’t change the fact that this summer is going to come to a close sooner than anticipated, due to the earlier commencement of school. This new school calendar will be effective towards the 2018-2019 school year.

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