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The School Newspaper of West Brook High School


Different Teaching Methods Hinder, Help Students

Ana Marquez, Staff Writer

In 1987, New Zealand teacher Neil Fleming categorized students into four learning style categories: visual, auditory, read/write and kinesthetic learners, which have been...  Read More »

October 14, 2016 • 0 comments

Our Apologies

Olivia Malick, Editor-in-Chief

We would like to apologize for our mistake in our first issue of the printed edition of the West Brook Times. We stated that Phillip Boone is a Sergeant whereas he his actually...  Read More »

September 30, 2016 • 0 comments

Fight Night: Clinton vs. Trump

September 29, 2016

On Mon. night, with a recording-breaking 84 million people watching, the Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican...  Read More »

Scholarships That Make College Easier

September 14, 2016

With $3.3 billion of gift financial aid given away annually, it may seem that everyone, everywhere is destined for a scholarship....  Read More »


July 18, 2016

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Robotics: The Way of the Future

Bassam Syed, Staff Writer

Next year West Brook will be welcoming a new, ground-breaking class for avid technology and science students – robotics. The class will be taught by Mr. Clary and will...  Read More »

April 25, 2016 • 0 comments

Are Students Really Informed on the Election?

Chloe Caballero, Staff Writer

This year’s election certainly has been interesting. Not many people would have imagined Donald Trump running for President or socialist Bernie Sanders being so well liked...  Read More »

April 6, 2016 • 0 comments

How well do you know yourself?

March 29, 2016

“How would you describe yourself?” Most people stop and think when asked this important question. When people take...  Read More »

The 88th Academy Awards: A night of triumph

March 9, 2016

  The 88th Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, occurred on Sunday, Feb. 28. With 24 categories ranging fr...  Read More »

A night full of Jazz

March 9, 2016

The Jazz Band and ‘The Night and Day Orchestra' performed for the annual Jazz band spaghetti dinner on March 7  to raise...  Read More »

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The School Newspaper of West Brook High School
The School Newspaper of West Brook High School